Our Plan for you?

The plan is easy to do, but most people find it easier not to do.
Doing the work is what matters.
It takes time and money and hard work to get what you want.

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Get you to the industry.
The industry.

Do More?

Get you to the public.

Do More?

Funding and Money.

Do More?

We work with you and for you.


Nothing is free!

We will work for 10% of what we help to get you.


Distance Does not matter anymore.

Labels, Radio Stations, TV stations and Advertisers are looking for the next BIG THING!

It takes more than talent to make it in the music business.
Our job is to promote and manage Talented People.
We have to prove to the industry that you can be successful.
We have a step-by-step plan that has worked and we are always updating it.
We will promote you to the Record, Television, and Media industries.


You can do anything, just not everything.

We would want to work for you presenting your project to labels and other industries.

We want to help you IF you are determined to make!
The manager promotes and manages an artist so that they can get you Seen, heard and sold!


Services and Service.

You have to put in the work.

One project connects to another.
Not having one project stops the next project.
Your popularity is the most important thing that industry professionals look for.
We need the mp3 files.
We need the mp4 files.
We need your photo file?
We need your stage name?
We need your Social media links.
We need your youtube links?

You get what you Negotiate.

Do you have a HIT SONG?
There are many elements required in order to accomplish your goals.
Our Manager can help you to Help Yourself!
  1. Are you willing to work hard promoting your music?
  2. Do you understand the business impression that is needed on your project?
  3. Do you want our Management firm to help you?
  4. Do you want to know the benefits, possibilities and probabilities of your project?
  5. Do you want us to refer you to other industry people?
  6. How big is your song catalog as a Recording Artist?
  7. How big is Your Fan base?
  8. How do you believe that you will make it in the Music Business?
  9. How many people know of your songs on social media?
  10. How serious are you about your business on a scale of 1 to 10?
  11. What are your goals?
  12. What questions do you have for our management services?
  13. What results are you looking for?
  14. Which RECORD LABEL do you want to get signed to?

Do the work in order to grow.

* We will represent your music to Record Labels based on the strength of your music.
* We will represent your music to Radio stations and TV stations as well as Magazines.
* We will represent your music to Night Clubs and Club Promoters for shows that pays you.
What is our plan for you?
Getting you on TV like ESPN, MTV and BET is where it begins.
1. It entails placing you in magazines like Hip Hop Weekly and the Source Magazine.
2. It entails booking you for shows.
3. It entails getting you presented to Record Labels.
4. It entails getting you a booking agent.
5. It entails having your website built.
6. It entails getting you calls from the public and industry people.
7. It entails getting you DJ placement at clubs and other venues.
8. It entails promoting you by a text blasting campaign.
9. It entails promoting you by a weekly e-mail campaign.
10. It entails having your press releases to industry people.
11. It entails getting DJs to play your song.
12. It entails having a Press Release on you and your song.
13. It entails getting your song to College Radio Stations.
14. It entails getting you investors.
15. It entails promoting you on the radio.
16. It entails getting your song to nightclubs.
17. It entails placing your commercial on the radio.
18. It entails getting your song to record pools.
19. It entails registering your copyrights.
20. It entails getting your publishing company registered.
21. It entails getting your SEO placement.
22. We will be working with you daily.
23. Branding your name and music is top priority.

Music is a Business.

The business of music.

Business is Business.

What Are Successful Artists Are Saying?

If you treat your music like a business then you will be successful.
Does your song that make a difference?
There are many elements required in order to accomplish your goals.
Our management firm can help you accomplish them!
What have you accomplished as an artist?
There many things you can do if you want to do shows.
  1. Get popular.
  2. Get a booking agent.
  3. Get a talent agent.
Can you get a major record label to sign you?
1: Have a great song.
2: Have a good image.
3: Be popular.
How do you want us to help you to accomplish your goals?
What are the three top radio stations in your area?
What are the three top TV stations in your area?
What are the three top magazines in your area?
What are the three top newspapers in your area?
What are the three top night clubs in your area that are most likely to play your song?

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